Canine Capers Dog Training.

My name is Carol, I have been training dogs since 1982 and have been instructing since 1987. I started Canine Capers in 1994 in the Tonbridge area, classes started on the Isle of Sheppey  in 2005.  I train people with their dogs from basic obedience up to and including competition level. I also take a fun class, where dogs and owners have a go at Flyball, Heelwork to Music  etc. and generally take the time to socialise with other like-minded dogs and people!

 I only use reward based positive training methods, which could be food or toy based depending on your dogs own motivation.

All dogs can be trained, it is just a matter of finding the right motivation, keeping it fun, consistence and being patient, "don't try to run before you can walk" !